Dress for success

Looking good is very important in order to make a great first impression, whether its a job interview or a social function. The same is true of a home that is for sale. When the "For Sale" sign goes in front yard, it should be "dressed" for the occasion.

The first impression starts in the front yard of the home.  What we call curb appeal is crucial for getting top dollar for the home.  The landscaping, the paint and especially the front door.  One of the biggest first impression mistakes are having a ugly front door or one that does not work properly.  When a real estate agent has problems unlocking or opening the front door or having to go through multiple keys to get the door open the buyers are looking around finding any flaws that exist.  This can make for a poor first impression.  The interior of your home should be clean, uncluttered and tastefully decorated. Get rid of any minor cosmetic repairs such as a drywall hole or peeling paint.  The kitchen and bathrooms should be clean and shiny. Make sure the windows are clean.  Get rid of the clutter, the absence of clutter will help your home "show well".    Pack things you are not going to use until you move.  Keeping your home in good condition at all times is hard work, especially if you have children or are are packing for a move.  The rewards for keeping your home in top condition are a quicker sale and more money.

The McNabs will staging your home to help you get top dollar in any market and its free. What is home staging, contact us for more information.