Home Selling

Are you looking to sell  your home?  If so It is very important to understand the Southern Arizona real estate market is drastically different from what it was just a couple of years ago.  You can no longer get away with a quick sign in the yard and a lock box on the front door.  The McNab team is very aggressive and effective.  We specialize in making your home appeal to the broadest audience  possible.  When you purchased your current home you walked in the front door after looking at many other homes and said this is the one.  That is what we do best and what we will focus on to sell your home.

Nationwide approx 2% of listings are sold by the listing agent. When you list your house The McNab Team, we will try our best to sell it ourselves, but more importantly, we will simply get it sold.

The McNab Team or any cooperating broker may sell our listings. This is why we work hard to maintain a reputation for being very professional and easy to work with.  we make the homes we list as easy as possible for other real estate agents to preview or show to buyers.

Home selling steps
Seller definitions
The Appraisal Process
Home warranty
Home Inspection
Preparing you home for sale
Staging your home
Tips for Good Showings
Dress for success
A Beautiful Yard
First Impressions

When you select a real estate agent to market your property, you are hiring them not only for their list of prospective buyers, but for their ability to tap the lists of other people in the business. we constantly lobby among our competition, asking if they have seen our listings, getting feedback and urging them to add our listings to the short lists that they show when they have a prospective buyer.

Before hiring a real estate agent it is very important that you interview them.  In fact interview a few real estate agents.  It not bad to have a list of questions for them.

It pays to be informed about the home selling process, especially when selling a home for the first time. The process of selling a home can be overwhelming, but understanding the process goes a long way to preventing this. In this guide, we will briefly explain each step of the home selling process.  We are available to consult with you to help with all of the details

Home Sellers Guide