Home Warranty

A home warranty is an insurance policy that covers a variety of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing items, as well as some appliances, inside the home.  Optional coverage is available for more expensive systems such as air conditioners, refrigerators, pools and spas.

It is strongly recommended that, as a home Buyer, you obtain a home warranty policy if you are purchasing an existing built home (not a new build).  This ties in nicely with your home inspection, and many high cost repair items are covered by a home warranty.  So as you are adjusting to a new mortgage payment, you are protected against unexpected and expensive repairs.  Your home inspection will help assure and protect you against pre-existing clauses.  Coverage policies and items vary from company to company; be sure to do your homework.

The Seller may purchase a home warranty plan prior to selling to protect against covered repairs needed during the listing period, and the Buyer may be able to assume the policy at the close of escrow.  Or the Seller may offer to purchase a home warranty policy for the buyers.  If not, it is still highly recommended that you obtain a home warranty to cover your first year of home ownership

A home warranty plan is paid for at the close of escrow.  A copy of the invoice is presented to the Title Company, and it becomes part of the closing costs.  This has proven to be a well-used investment in protecting Buyers and Sellers after closing.

If you are unable to access their information on line, let us know and we will get a printed informational brochure to you.

Just let us know what plan you have selected and we will get that order in for you and to title to be in effect the day you close on your new home.  (-: