How Much to Offer

When you are about to make an offer on a property, your biggest decision is how much to offer. Although you do not want to pay more than you have to, it's sometimes hard to predict just how much is the seller willing to take.

Some sellers price their homes at their bottom line, this means they  may not  be willing to negotiate, even if the  house has been on the market for a long time. Other sellers will build in room for some negotiation. Some sellers are more motivated than others to get their homes sold and it can be hard to determine which ones they are.  It usually is hard to know what sellers will do until they are presented with an offer. 

If you make a offer that  is very low, it may look like your finances are shaky or that you can't afford the home.  Not to mention that you might make the seller mad. If your original offer is too low, the seller will counter offer or simply reject the offer.  When sellers counter offer they typically counter for higher that they are willing to accept.  If your initial offer is the right price (at the sellers bottom line) they will accept it and you will get the best deal.