Staging Your Home to Show

To make the best impression, keep your home clean, neat, uncluttered and in good repair.  Please review this list prior to each showing.

Keep everything clean.  A messy or dirty home will cause prospective buyers to notice every flaw.

Clear all clutter from counter tops.  A good rule of thumb during the showing process is if you don’t use it daily put it under the counter in a handy place.

Let the light in!! Raise shades, open blinds, pull back the curtains and turn on the lights.  It is recommended that low wattage bulbs be replaced high wattage bulbs especially in dark corners and hallways.

Get rid of odors such as tobacco, pets, cooking, etc.. but don’t overdo air fresheners or potpourri.  Fresh baked bread and cinnamon can make a positive impact.  Hint: just before an open house, bake cookies and then leave them out for visitors.

Send pets away or secure them away from the house, and be sure to clean up after them daily.  If you cannot house them away during the selling the process then consider using an appropriate size crate during visits.

Close the windows to eliminate street noise.

If possible you, your pets, and your children should be gone while your home is being shown.  This is VERY important whenever possible as the Buyer will feel more comfortable investigating the home when the owners are not there.  If you must be present while your home is shown, keep noise down; Turn off the TV and radio.  Soft instrumental music is fine, but avoid vocal.

Clean trash cans and put them out of sight.

Keep the garage door closed and the driveway clear (important during open houses).  Park autos and campers away from your home during showings and open houses.

Hang clean attractive guest towels in the bathrooms.

Check that sink and tub are scrubbed and unstained.

Make beds with attractive spreads.

Stash or throw out newspapers, magazines, junk mail, etc…. keep the home free of clutter

Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions or express any concerns you may have about showing your home and/or open houses. (-;